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Do you do onsite printing?

Yes we do! Once your guest is finished with their session, our attendant will ask how many prints you would like and they are printed on the spot.

What type of prints are available?

We can do standard 2X6 strips with either 3 or 4 photos inside the design or 4x6 printing with multiple photo combinations. 4X6 Printing is an upgrade to our packages.

We have a very specific theme to our event. Can you match our theme?

We LOVE themes! Let us know in advance if you have specific needs and we can include those in our set up at your event.

Is custom design included?

In "The Best" package we include interface and print design services free of charge. That includes a digital proof to verify all style aspects are met. The other packages include our already awesome pre-made designs with your information. As our company matures, the more options we will have available!

Can you do custom backdrops?

Yes! We can do printed vinyl, cloth and various scenes. Contact us for specific information regarding custom backdrops.

What are the "Custom Props"?

As a part of our customization process we ask a variety of questions to get to know our clients. When booked at least a week out we can design printed signs that are included and given to our clients at the end of the night. They are matte-finished and mounted on quality foam core board with designs based on your event such as your hashtag or familiar saying.

What is the online gallery?

One thing our clients end up loving is the option to have the photos out of the print template at the end. We include all the photos taken during the event both in the template and separately on an easy to use digital gallery that allows you to download directly to your computer.


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